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Garbage Chute Cleaning and Sanitizing

Using our national disinfection expertise and experience in healthcare facilities, we handle the unique needs that pandemic has created by cleaning experts are essential.

Expanded Disinfection Services Fits All needs!
The processes and systems we put in place provide high quality service with a focus on safety.
Garbage Chute Cleaning and Sanitizing

People tend to throw almost all kinds of trash into the garbage chute no matter what all protocols are underlined for its usage. Trash infers momentum when it is thrown down a chute that result in the garbage bags often rupturing on the force. Trashes either compact with the side of the chute or hits the bottom of the chute resulting in the foul accumulation of waste materials to the sides of the garbage chute and the compactor under. The accumulated filth shelters dangerous bacteria harmful to personal hygiene.

That is why Techquads offer a thorough and disinfected garbage chute cleaning service ensuring no accumulated or stuck trash from the head to tail. We conduct a deep examination of the chute to promise quality service for our clients thereby contributing a healthy premise to life.


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