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Yacht Cleaning

Using our national disinfection expertise and experience in healthcare facilities, we handle the unique needs that pandemic has created by cleaning experts are essential.

Expanded Disinfection Services Fits All needs!
The processes and systems we put in place provide high quality service with a focus on safety.
Yacht Cleaning

A good looking yacht is one that appears sparkling and clean all around from head to tail. Techquads offer an inclusive Yacht Exterior Cleaning and Detailing for any size vessel. The external facade of the boat is usually what faces the most unrelenting conditions from the wind, rain, seawater and sun it confronts every day. Continuous exposure to these factors over time causes the yacht to look somewhat unappealing. Our team is uniquely qualified to wield the tools and accessories to make the exterior and interior of your yacht look as though it was just purchased. With delicate attention to detail, no flaws are ever missed and the job is finished promptly according to your schedule.


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